Friday, April 19, 2013

This is how we roll....with Duck Dynasty

 Last night we made a pilgrimage to Walmart, where I got to get my picture with the Duck Dynasty Posse. Made me feel like I needed a beard.

Ellie brought some fashion, glamour, and pizazz to Walmart with her purse, fancy coat, and flower shoes.

We went to get Jordan some spray paint for his stencil project he was making to to a little DIY skateboard-grip-tape-design. HE would probably not like that I used "DIY" to describe what he was doing to customize his skateboard!

Jordan loves Duck Dynasty, but he did not want a picture with the poster-posse, at first anyway. He just saw how awesome my picture came out...just kidding. But I've become a total Duck Dynasty fan too! ha ha ha

And we couldn't leave with just spray paint, although I am a fan of the power of a can of Krylon.
We just happened to wander by the ice cream aisle, and there was some lonely ice cream that needed a good home.
So we took some home. I took my fav: Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.
And I just dig out the Heath Bar chunks like a miner digging for gold.

Yay baby...we're doing the happy friday dance, hugs and dancing, your Kandee

If you wanna see our lates vlog video of us gone mild in NYC, CLICK HERE.



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