Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Look of Love

 There is a little ladies man on the loose, and his name is Blake!
Blake was in his own, 5 year old heaven, when all these girls came over to be models to film some tutorials with me.
He whispered in my ear, to ask me if he could get a picture with the girls!
Hana, Shawna, little ladies man, and Morgan!
As soon as they left he said, "those girls are cute!"...
And he's asked several times when they are coming back over!
I didn't know I had such a "ladies man" on my hands!  He said, "I don't care what color girls eyes, or their hair is, I just think they're pretty!"

I don't know if I've ever seen such a "girl crazy" 5 year old. Jordan wasn't like that at 5! ha ha ha

Off to get get the ladies man, some new BMX pants, because his pants are like capris!

huge Happy Saturday hugs, Kandee

And I it's crazy to me that this is where I was last Saturday:



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