Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skater Boys: I LOVE these two...

 I'm quite fond of 2 skaters.
My "Big" Skater, Jordan and my "little" skater, Blaker.
Blake got his first skateboard the other day. And when Jordan went out to skate yesterday, he asked if Blaker wanted to come and skate with him.
Blake was SOOOOOOOO excited!

After changing to a warmer didn't feel like spring yesterday, Jordan gave him some "skateboard coaching" and away he went!

 My Skater boys....
  And the familiar click, clack of skateboards and the radio were heard from the garage last night.

It's funny because I spent many hours watching my boyfriend in high school, skating, trying tricks, throwing his skateboard when he couldn't do the tricks...well and ofcourse when he'd land a trick. He was a professional snowboarder, so I couldn't go watch him snowboard, but many summer evenings that's how we spent it...and I didn't even have a cell phone to play on back then! ha ha ha

I am not a skater, but I love 2 guys who are, your homegirl Kandee

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