Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bus Stop Love: 3 Ways To Start Your Day Right

This is where you'll find us every morning...by the bus stop, waiting for Alani's bus.
Yes Ellie got her bangs, or if you're in the UK, "fringe"cut, I actually think the word "fringe" makes more sense.
The picture above might look weird, but I was giving Alani a kiss on the head..hence the weird face.

 When we took these pictures I'd already been up for a while, we'd already driven Jordan to school, he goes wayyyyy earlier than Alani. We laughed all the way up until Jordan got out of the car, he was telling me a funny story. I think the best ways to start the day are with laughing, smiling, and lots of letting the people you love know just how much you love them!

3 Ways to Help Start Your Day Right:
#1.  Tell everyone in your house that you love- that you love them and smother them with a hug!

#2. Focus on making other people's day: give smiles, give a compliment you might just think in your head (ex: oh I love her hair OR that's such a cool pair of shoes)...but say it out loud and watch how you'll make their day!

#3 Share the GREAT-ness: tell everyone you see, any of these:


*Don't just say, have a good day...that's so, not very amazing....tell someone to at least have a GREAT day, or pic any other super fantastic, adjective you like!

So i'm starting this baby off......
Hope you have a day filled with tiny sparkles of awesomeness everywhere you look, huge happy day hugs, your Kandee

PS. I'm bout' to upload one of my MOST ASKED FOR VIDEOS today (well, if my computer will work that is!)...
CLICK HERE to see if it's up yet!


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