Monday, April 22, 2013

How We Roll On the Weekend...Trophy Time!

There is something familiar to me about races, dust on your shoes, and trips to the snack bar that I love. My dad raced dirtbikes when I was growing up, and it just feels fun to be there.

And that's Blaker holding his 1st place trophy. My dad would have been so proud!
He was one excited guy. And when he wasn't racing, him and Ellie had more fun playing in the dirt with Jordan's empty soda can!
 There's Blakey coming down the home stretch, for the win! He fell in one of his moto's, the races before the main race, and he got back up, we all gave him some hugs, Jordan told him abou thow he used to fall when he raced BMX, and we had a "cheer you up walk" (where I told him how everyone who ever wins, always gets knocked down and falls, but you keep getting back up!)
And there he is after getting back up, getting 1st!
 This is what "Mama Cheerleader" looked like...

Afterwards we made a pit stop, and another old familiar, IN-N-OUT! Where i got the same shake I've gotten since i was a kid: NEOPOLITAN: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate all mixed together!
 Then we went to go get some bigger, shirts and pants, for my ever growing Jordan, who's now 6'1".
And Ellie would only hold onto Jordan's hand.
And Jordan and his friend were forced to watch Ellie's favorite video in the car, POTTY POWER, a  video to enourage kids about potty training! They boys were cracking up at the songs!

Then, we finished off the night with some BBQ for dinner at Dave's BBQ!
And that was how we rolled on the weekend!
Huge hugs from your homegirl, Kandee

Now I'm off to upload a new video on my main YOUTUBE channel today!



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