Monday, April 29, 2013

One of the BEST Birthday Party Ideas, ever

Sunday was Alani's big, birthday party day and I think we found the best girls birthday party idea, or place really!
Alani wanted her party at Snip-It's, a kids hair salon.
We chose the Hollywood Party- they even have rockstar options for boys, like Blaker! Yes, he got those awesome sunglasses in his "rockstar goodie bag" and the air guitar was his for the taking- he was in heaven!
The kids got to choose dress-up outfits, complete with Disney princess dresses! Ellie was a big fan of the wall of necklaces!

All the kids got to pick a hairstyle from the wall and get their hair done, and sprayed with hair color or glitter, Ellie wanted some glitter just like Alani!

The girls got goodie bags filled with fun little girl make-up and nail polish.
After they got their hair done, they did crafts and made foam door hangers with princess goodies and sparkles, they all got to put their make-up and sparkles on, then they got their nails painted and out on their sunglasses and feather boa's to walk the "red carpet" runway, and all the moms, ofcourse, take pictures like paparazzi!
 Blakey' making his runway debut! And they read off things like their favorite color and what they want to be when they grow up...all the kids LOVED this!
 He really LOVED this....
 And even Ellie got to walk the runway. But she was so fast, I couldn't get a non-blurry picture!
Then we had cupcakes, that they provide too, that were really yummy! And you know how I am about cupcakes. They Snip-It's even gave Alani a present too! She got a mirror and comb, a fairy wand, and some purple hair color spray!

They cleaned it all up, it was decorated so adorable in the party room, then we just left- no mess to clean up, no wrapping paper to fit in trash bags...they did it all! And it was cheaper than when you have to go out and buy party decorations and cake, and I didn't have to clean anything, did I mention that! ha ha ha ha

And the kids loved it! So that is my new favorite party idea!

Happy Monday Hugs, from the mom of the bday girl, Kandee



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