Monday, April 8, 2013

3 Tips for Conquering Bad Days and/or Mondays...

This is me and it is Monday.
This is me starting a my computer with the look of "why won't you just work", look on my face.

Since probably even before the moment I woke up, this day has been jam-packed with problems challenges, all which are too many to write, but some of the more humorous ones, like:

*Blake thinkingthat EXPO pens, would be fun to write on EVERYTHING, since they wipe-off. And when I ran back in the house to get my car keys, to find he drew, lovely decorations on the car with the black pen, kind of gave me a little heart attack, until I realized it was with a wipe-off pen...and then I laughed.

So as more problems kept rolling into the ever-growing, snowball of things-not-going-right, for my day I laughed and smile as I thought:  
you know what, after a morning like this, wouldn't it be awesome if the best thing happened to me this afternoon or evening!?!?

And so I shall keep an eye out for something super-fantastic to brighten up my day. ha ha ha


#1. Don't let the first few problems of your day decide that the day is shot!
Every day has problems, it's just about figuring out solutions!

#2. Don't call your problems "problems", call them challenges- it instantly switches it from a negative, to something that just needs a new way to deal with it and give you a chance to DOMINATE that challenge!

#3. Keep on the hunt for "awesomeness"!
I don't care how poopsville your day was, don't say: "oh I'm having a bad day!"
Once you do that, your mind is set for the negative and you will almost automatically be looking for the next thing to add to your list  of "bad day addictions"!

Just tell yourself: Today may be challenging!
Ain't no challenge or problem gonna steal the sunshine from my day!
Be a happy hunter, looking for tiny joys in a day full of piles of poop!
ha ha ha ha ha

SIDENOTE: I never post my blog this late in the afternoon, but my computer has not been wanting to work all day. It just worked long enough for me to type my KANDEEJ blog abut all the wonders on my tables in my "kitch-ffice" AKA my kitchen/office.
Oh, if I had a dollar for every minute my computer  just spins it's colorful little pinwheel at me! And since it's taken me about 1.5 hours just to upload this 1 picture- this is the ONLY picture that will be up today on this blog! ha ha ha

PS. On a funny note, a little old man saw my short hair this morning and said, "looks like we have the same barber, except you look good with your haircut!" ha ha ha ha ha

we are challenge-overcomers.... in a hoodie, your kandee


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