Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Shop For Swagger for the Guys Gettin Formal:

 I know it's a big deal for girls to go shopping for the prom or semi-formal dresses...but somehow the boys don't have all the options the girls have!

I took Jordan (my son) and his friend shopping to get their "fancy wear" for the semi-formal they're going to tomorrow! And it was no easy task!
We went to:
Then we went back to mall #1, after mall #2 failed us
And the boys changed their outfit color scheme 3 times.

This was about as colorful and fun as it gets for guys, the colorful tie table! 
 This was Ellie, shopping assisant #3, being pushed by shopping assistant #2, Blake.
 As seen here, in high action pushing AKA following Jordan where ever he went.
 And in between, formal rental store #1, a trip to mall #1, one trip to wait in line at The Men's Wearhouse, which, with all the other moms and their sons, looked like we'd be there for hours, so we left and took a yogurt break:
 We even stopped at my favorite vintage/thrift shop....and even though the boys liked the baby blue tuxedo pants and orange vests we found, no one was feeling the 80's piano tie, that I liked!
 Me and Blaker took a break trying on drum major hats, while the boys hunted.

 Meanwhile, back at our last Mall stop.... more shirt were tried on, more color schemes picked out. Both boys decided they wanted ties and suspenders.
And I have to say how proud I was of the boys looking for deals and sales. Everything they got was on was almost 40% off, except for their belts, and yes Macy's ended up being the winner for all our "formal style" needs!
 Then we went to dinner:
 And got a to-go box for our broccoli! Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha
 And when we got home, we had tie-tying lessons, thanks to me working at a restaurant years ago, that required us to wear dress shirts and ties. So I got teach "tie tying 101".
And then they struck a pose, trying their outfits on!
I love that they each picked out their own outfits, that they are not afraid to have their own style, and I loved that they both said they loved dressing up like that.

The greatest thing we can do as parents, and just people in the world, is to appreciate all our differences... different style, hair, way of dressing, and how each of us are unique. I love Jordan's afro. My whole family loves it: aunts, cousins, grandparents, even his teachers and principle have said how much they love Jordan's hair.

If there's any time to let your kids have the precious gift to express themselves and their creativity with freedom of style, it's when they aren't adults yet. I've always allowed Jordan to choose and have his own style (as long as it was scary or dangerous...ha ha ha), and I love his hair and his style.

The greatest thing we can do, is not judge people by how they look, but by the condition and content of their heart. Jordan is a well-mannered, gentlemen and I know that the greatest lessons I could teach him, are to be kind to everyone, always be a friend and stick up for anyone who's being bullied, and to not judge anyone else for how they look, but to look at people's hearts and they way they treat others.

And with that....we will be a house of FORMAL FANCY-NESS TOMORROW: Not only will I be doing some make-up for some girls for prom, but we'll be the place where Jordan and his friends will be getting their "formal fany-ness" on too!

Happy Friday, and if it's not too crazy I'll try to make a video about it!

IF YOU NEED PROM MAKE-UP HELP, you can watch these top:

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