Thursday, December 30, 2010

This IS NOT underwear!

Next up for Victoria Secret...fishnet, sock-like, panties that look like a headband!

I was so excited to get my home birthing kit in the mail....I had visions of aromatherapy goodies, candles...and other home birth goodies. Darn you imagination!

Watch with me as we discover what other awesome things come in your home birthing kit!
I really am so excited to have my baby at home...and now I feel officially prepared! ha ha ha

If you want to know where to get a Home Birthing Kit...this is where I got mine, at the obedient instruction of my midwife, Sherry.

watch my "what you get to have your baby at home" kit....ha ha ha...and sneek peeks of my little people!

fishnet fancy pants....kandee


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