Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glamorous moving look....ha ha ha

Me: snug in my car with another load of things to move!
And yes, I know I will be getting lots of "hair tutorial requests" for my hair style! ha ha ha ha
(that was totally kidding!)
And what better way to move than in a glamorous sweatshirt... ha ha ha
And the make up is what I like to call "moving-make-up-with-no-time-for-make-up"..ha ha ha
I had 1 minute to swipe on some foundation, eyeliner and mascara...now that's speed beauty!

Today I'm off to get my last ultrasound...just to check on a few things that were concerning my midwife (well me too...but we are praying that everything is fine!)...I don't even want to talk about it unless it is true...no need for any extra negative talk about stuff!
And ultrasounds sometimes misdiagnose a lot of things...I've have heard of so many people  that were told there baby would have clubbed feet or down syndrome...and they were worried the whole pregnancy and then baby comes out without anything they had been told was wrong!

PS. If anyone has any cloth diapers they've used and loved...please comment below...I need to get some as soon as diaper-ly possible! ha ha ha

Look out for a new preggy update video since I only have a 3 weeks left!!!

off to shower for my ultrasound....kandee


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