Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Pink Christmas Tree!

YAY! Pink Christmas trees! Like cotton candy on a Christmas tree! I love it! I even love that this picture came out blurry and makes the twinkly lights looks so pretty!

I've always wanted a pink christmas tree...and my mom bought Alani a little pink christmas tree last night at wal-mart...that she decorated with all pink plastic ornaments (the glass ones are not safe for little people...broken ornaments are not fun!)
Blakey even loved it! Him and his fresh from the bath hair...squealed with delight over the pink tree! He was fast asleep when Alani was decorating her tree last night! We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie...while Blaker had gone to bed early, because he's still getting over his Bronchitis! poor lil guy! He slept a little better last night, and I got almost 6 hours of sleep! So excited...!
I've still got some serious dark circles under my eyes...ha ha ha ha
pink trees and Christmas cookies..your kandee


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