Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snuggle Bugs!

my favorite part of the morning:
when my "love bugs" come to snuggle with me in the morning!
What my day looked like:
*spend 2 hours 37 minutes on tech support to fix a a bunch of crazy charges from Jordan's Xbox live (didn't fix anything and have to call them back to finish! ahhhhhh)
*call to try to get the mice problem fixed....it is grossing me out (and I can't get  a cat because I'm allergic to them)
*had to try to edit a video and type both my blogs
*upload video to youtube
*help people go pee and poop like 28 times
*make breakfast, snacks, lunch, more snacks
*settle fights and arguments since Alani wanted to play with Blake's toys and vice versa
*more calls for things
*oh yeah I took a shower sometime
*did laundry
*stared at all the the things I need to unpack for  a few minutes
*had to call my bank to try to help with all the xbox charges...even more of a mess
*had to go to the store
*tried to make it to the Bath & Bodyworks sale (i thought it was the last day, but it wasn't)
*bought  the clearance room fragrance things they had left in Twisted Peppermint
*put sleeping Blaker in bed
*read Alani stories
*stayed up til 2am editing a video
*researched more cloth diapers until 2:30am
*last look at my phone.....said 3am
*and woke up to my little bed bugs again
(felt wayyyyyyy too early.....)
I gotta rest more!
So much to do..unpacking, business call, editing, blogging, taking care of all my babies, uploading...being a chef...a maid, a referee and mouse hunter yuck!

off to conquer more things and go to my midwife appointment!


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