Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Make Waffles at the Best Western:

WHERE: The Best Western Hotel Lobby
WHAT: moms hand pouring waffle batter onto the griddle

WHY: Instead of the typical "Continental Breakfast" of some cereal and stale muffins of bagels...maybe a croissant if you're feeling fancy...

The BEST WESTERN not only had hot cinnamon rolls....but a WAFFLE MAKING STATION!!!!
I love waffles...
but since I'm still not feeling well...I only wanted watermelon hard boiled eggs and a cinnamon roll..
& 346 glasses of Orange Juice...
& 78 cups of tea! ha ha ha
I can't even really smell anything, because I was so congested...but the look of that buttery, gold-to-perfection, waffle...almsot let me smell it by memory of "good-smelling-waffle-ness"!

Off to get everything ready for the Glaminar....and I sure hope and pray that I start to feel better! ha ha ha
waffle makers...kandee


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