Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Me and my midwife!!!

My midwife Sherry, just left from my "at home" appointment! We went over everything I need to get ready to have the baby...
Since I will be having the baby at home...I have to go get some things...and order my "at home birthing kit"...
I am soooooo excited to have this baby at home! I was a little worried about the "mess"...but she assured me, that there's no mess, she cleans everything up, and it will be like nothing ever happened! Hooray!
She went over what to do if I have to deliver the baby myself too! I am not even scared! I can do it! It's a natural thing to have a baby...women have been doing it thousands of years! ha ha

I am off to go buy the things I need to get, just to be prepared.

I can't wait to be at home, comfortable, and have my baby without all the "traditional" hospital ways of doing things. I could tell you all the awful stories of things they did wrong in the hospitals with each of my babies...but I don't want to really scare anyone that is having their baby in a hospital! ha ha ha

Off to go get baby things.....I'll unpack all my stuff someday! ha ha ha

I'll be doing a pregnancy update video too!!! So keep a lookout!

huge love and even huge-er belly...kandee


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