Sunday, December 19, 2010

"old" House Tour

I am still moving..(the snow and rain...and not being packed, has really made this a slow move! ha ha ha) but here was my Christmas house last year...
please know that this was after toys had been put away!
since I moved out and had to move in with my mom and great gramma for the last almost 8 months...I am so excited to move into my own house again...thank God for answering my prayers!!!
Someday I will be excited to buy a home and paint the walls how I want..until then I'll rent and use wall decals! ha ha  ha
me with my "chandelier" decorations, and christmas "poppers" in the background...I love twist the paper popper and a little surprise presents pop out..and sometimes a little paper crown and a joke, with the reflection of my mirror "mustache" decals!
even the kitchen got a decorated!
Alani's princess room...
I am so excited to move into a house again!! After living out of tupperware drawers in my moms room! ha ha ha It's so funny, how unglamorous my life can seem. My sister thinks it's hilarious...she says, form the outside it would look like you live this glamorous life...traveling all over to your glaminars. then you have to go home and try to type your blog at gramma's house, you don't leave her house for days at a time...and you have to type from Gramma's kitchen table while she blares the tv, her phone rings, and gramma asks you a million questions...ha ha ha ha
Like I posted on my other life is imperfect...and the truth of life is always more interesting than the "pretend"...ha ha ha
from the real tired, pregnant moving lady..that is trying not to be frustrated that I can't move anything myself! ha ha ha...kandee


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