Monday, December 27, 2010

My Treasure Hunters!

When I was little I hated going to Antique stores with my mom and Nana...
it felt like hours that we'd walk around and look at "old junk" and my sister would dread the word "antique" anything being said!

ha ha ha...little did I know that over the years...I would become a huge vintage "anything" lover...scouring antique stores for vintage clocks and goodie at where else but  ANTIQUE STORES!
ha ha ha ha

We headed out to buy Blake a dresser..he doesn't have one...and antique ones are cuter, made better, and are way cheaper than the new ones. This dresser was only $100
, the new one I was looking at was like twice that and made out of particle board!

he loves the movie CARS...I surprised him with "CARS wall decal borders" that I got at Target to make his new room feel extra special! When I was reading him his bedtime story (A Very Hungy Caterpillar)...he said, "I yuv my room mama!"....I love them so much, this morning as they both crawled in my bed, then Blakey was crawling in the ground with his feet up in the air not touching the ground..he said, "Look I'm crawling like a baby, with my feet in the sky!".....I couldn't help but feels tears watering my I am so blessed to have these little angels in my love them and guide their little hearts!
look at this amazing chair..imagine a coat of super high gloss white...and hot pink velvet upholstery!
I loved this little doll head...wouldn't that be cute to hang all your necklaces on?
ME taking a picture of me in the mirror...ha ha ha...I was really taking a picture to show my mom this cute mirror!
We received a wonderful compliment from the ANTIQUE store owner: she said that Alani and Blake were the most wonderful kids she's had in her store! She gave the each a ginger cookie and a sticker!
They liked her cat named Snickers!

END RESULT: new red dresser and alani got a little princess figurine that the booth owner said she would give us a discount because Alani loved it so much!

Kids said, "look at all this stuff!"..Fav Blaker Saying: "Mama come over "ere" and yook at this!".....

old dusty trearsures....Kan-tique   ha ha ah


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