Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Roomspiration Kids Edition: chandeliers, tutus & R2D2

 I love room ideas....
especially kid's and baby room ideas....
So yesterday when we went to The Grove, I always love to whirl through Pottery Barn kids...and this is what I saw....
Okay, the adhesive tree with the paper butter butterlies, chandelier with fabric cord cover, white wooden trim- sold- I love it all!!!
 Next, this scrumptious summer sky blue is called HEAVEN ON EARTH by BENJAMIN MOORE paints.
 Metal Letters with prints on them- adorable....but looks like "A" is in many more names than they thought, since "X" does not come before "b". ha ha ha ha
 My little Elyse, checking out all the "bee-bee's"....her favorite, also knows to you and me, as babies.
 I think these modern "flying bird" mobiles are so beautiful....here's boy blue......and
and pink...this would be one amazing idea to hang over a "baby changing" area...maybe it would keep baby's attention long enough to get a diaper, in a very "amused" manner.

I just love the "sailor-esque", classic navy blue and white, star pattern pillowcase....this was on a little toddler bed, next to a crib with the same pattern. Love this! You know me and stars!

 Look at this retro play kitchen in pink!  Two words: I LOVE!
 Anytime there's a chandelier anywhere.....I'm instantly endeared. Please, look at the "tutu" like bedskirt.
 Now, because I have boys...I appreciate the boy decor too...and this R2D2 rug....is pretty droid, cool!
 And then with a turn of the rug rack, we're back in the pink! How timelessly adorable is this pink rug?
this rug has one of my favorite color combos: light pink and pale sage/lime green
this lavender rug...with this white design......I la-la-la-love....

 I just think these ruffle curtains would make any room so girly and gorgeous...it's like a dress for any window that wears it. This would be so romantic in a beautiful bathroom with white french doors or floor length windows. And any girls room would look so soft and adorable! I am in love with these!
and last but not least....the little paper flags are so charming and adorable....I asked the guy if they sold them and he said no, they made them by just cutting out all the triangles from paper with cute prints, punch holes in them, then wove a ribbon through them and hung them. He said it took sooooo long. But it was adorable and worth every second, I think!

Hope this gave you some fun roomspiration ideas to adopt and add to the already amazing ideas you have in your head!

hugs and thanks for "virtual shopping" with me! The best part is, neither one of us spent any money! ha ha haha

chandeliers, kandee



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