Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 Way To Have A Happier Morning:

 and you must remember that these"3 ways to have a happier morning", are according to the baby, affectionately known as, Cupcake.
#1. If you wear cupcake jammies, it will make you instantly happier.
(I think  her cupcake jammies are from Burlington Coat Factory, which oddly enough sells many other things besides coats, they're by Carter's I think)
2. If you play with your big sisters Princess Baby Belle doll (who has been around with us for a while, and is looking a little "loved", if you know what I mean- she has some pen on her, she doens't make her "giggling" sounds anymore), this will make you smile like the smile at the top!

And then you will stare at your brother like this, while he admires your hair, and says we need to take a picture of her "ponytail" (AKA the little piece of hair sticking out to the side!) ha ha ha ha

#3. Laugh at your crazy morning hair or your brother who came running in the room laughing and smiling!! ha ha ha ha

And that is a peek at Sunday morning at our house....

cupcake jammies and morning hair amazements, your kandee


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