Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fashion Week Baby Toting

 As we all know...I am not at NY Fashion Week, this week- due to me not feeling so great.
But last September, these were some pictures of me and my favorite little bundle of love to carry around, lil' Elyse.
and what I loved seeing this year...was Posh and David Beckham, carrying their little baby, Harper Seven everywhere. I love when you see celebrity moms and dads who actually carry their babies with them everywhere. Seeing them going out to eat and actually taking their babies with them instead of leaving them at home with a team of nannies.

I respect the parents that you can see, love being parents and love being with their babies, celebrities or not.

Every moment is made better when you get to have your little one in your arms...they are only little for such a short time and the only place they want to be is in your arms. I want to treasure every moment...because before you know it they will be big and you won't be able to hold them, or they won't want you to....anymore.

huge hugs, your kandee

Hooray for celeb parents that truly love being parents


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