Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Everyone Should have their own "Hulk" Outfit

 Sometimes the Hulk comes out at our house....
Behind that "I'm-sure-you-bleach-your-teeth-smile" and the bulging, green muscles....is my favorite 4 year old in the world, Blaker, giving me his most, "I will always be-tect you" pose.
Today I wore zero make-up products again. (still not feeling back to normal)
My scarf from Forever 21.
A straw fedora hat- it was a non-exciting hair day.
A white men's v-neck t-shirt from Hanes.
One hoop earring and one black star earring- matching is so predictable.
A pair of black cotton harem pants- don't judge me, they're comfortable.
Alani made my day...when she came out with her little independent and creative self, and put these sock on and her leopard print shoes. She writes notes to people just like I did when I was little and she makes the most creative things and paints....and I just adore her precious little spirit. I would never think of telling her to go change her socks so they match. Hey, there is even a store called Little Miss Matched where you buy mismatched socks!

A wise person once told me: "Never tell a child to change what they put on themselves, unless they will be cold or it is dangerous, because that is what we lose as adults, the ability to not care what people will think or how they will judge us"...

I will always treasure the year Jordan picked out his outfit for his school pictures, he was in first grade and he didn't like the outfit I thought would look nice...and I will forever cherish his school picture that I know represented what he liked at that time.

"don't let the world or yourself, stifle the creativity of another person, the freedom to be unique not something we should rob others of"

I love seeing a little super hero walking with his mom in the store, or a little girl in a princess dress sitting in a shopping cart...or the precious outfit put that you know the mom had nothing to do with, putting together....
it's individuality at work....
huge hugs and hoping your sense of confidence and individuality is renewed too, your kandee


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