Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look Who's Walking!

Cupcake, who's real name is Elyse like "elle-eece"...had been taking a few steps here and there the last few days...and yesterday and today she's taken up to 12 or 15 steps!
To which we all cheer and clap in excitement- to which she claps too!
 I haven't managed to capture any of the random walking yet...but this is what she looks like when she's about to let go of whatever she's holding onto and take off!
Plus we walk around alot, me more bent over holding onto both of her hands...and her semi-leaning forward walking really fast!
Her either about to get up, or just stepping down from all the can see Blakey in blurry-action next to her...

I am up way too late...and spent wayyyy to long trying to transfer video files from my computer onto my external hard drive so that my computer doesn't blow up! ha ha ha

Now I'm tired....I just ate a midnight bowl or 2 actually of some french onion soup...and now I'm going to try to sleep, well right after I type my other blog...ha ha ha
sweet dreams or happy days, depending on where in the world you are when you read this! ha ha ha
huge to you wherever you are and whatever time it is, your kandee


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