Monday, February 27, 2012

I wish it was Sunday...Cause that's my Fun Day...

 ..but it's just another Manic Monday.
Facts of Life: Did you know the Bangles, sang that song and that Prince, wrote that for them.
See you learn things when you read my blogs. 
Ok, that was not a fact of life, at all, but as you will see above, some "fun of life", is when you realize your nail polish matches the outfit of your little love-bear.
Punkin' in her Harajuku outfit, but the pants have gotten all "bally", you know when the fabric gets all "fuzzy-balled-up", need to bust out my "lint-ball" tool.
(in case anyone wants to know, it's Greycian Goddess, I think, nail polish from L'Oreal)
 We had such a fun, fun, fun Sunday.....I will blog more about it, but it's 12:46 am and my camera is sitting next to me with it's memory card still in it, full of pics to go through, and I am a wee bit too tired to upload and go through them! ha ha ha These pics were just from my good ol' iphone.
My earring disappeared faster than a slice of cheesecake placed in front of me!
So this is the only earring I took out tonight, since the baby pulled the other one out at dinner and the back fell off. I set it on the table and it must have been swept into the plates when the guy cleared out where to be found.

Ha ha ha ha....I people wonder why I wear mis-matched earrings! ha ha ha ha
But really, when you wear the mis-

AND- best compliment I got all day: The girl that recognized me from Youtube, that was our waitress, told me she has met other Youtube gurus who weren't very nice, but she said, "you are so sweet! And you're just like you are in your videos!"...

leaving a trail of earrings everywhere I go, your kandee



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