Friday, February 24, 2012

Adventure Walking

we have a little trail we've discovered we like to go walking on....(well, this is on ly the 3rd time we've done it! ha ha ha)
This picture was taken with my one arm way over my head to see if she was still awake. After she was asleep I pulled the lil' sleeping shade over her head and we finished our walk.
Or as we called it the other day, "A treasure walk"....because Blakey found a really cool treasure- a golf ball.

Little lady, Elyse, fell asleep shortly after leaving the house and me singing songs... yes, no one was around to hear me, so it was ok.

We've discovered that she loves to be in the Ergo Carrier when she's on my back! Alani and Blakey loved riding in it, front style- but every baby is different!

This ERGO CARRIER is one from their super cute Petunia Pickle Bottom prints....

these are soooooo cute!
We love our Ergo....Alani was always in hers.  All day at Disneyland. Grocery Shopping. While I would do chores around the house, going for walks, anywhere!

It felt so good to be outside in the sunshine, breathing in fresh air and hearing our steps in the dirt! I suggest everyone take a "treasure walk", wherever you live this weekend! Walk by yourself with your music or enjoy the company of a friend or your little ones....
it's amazing how relaxing, calming, and just good for your soul...a walk can be!


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