Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swinging, Walking, Walmart & Almost Party Time

 Yesterday after I finished typing my blogs in Starbucks, while my mom played with the kids...
We took baby for her first time in a swing....
as you can see, the look on her face is: not impressed
and about 2.5 seconds later, she was back in my arms
after lunch of sandwiched and soup...more walking...we picked Alani up from school
and headed to hunt for Jordan's birthday presents...his birthday is tomorrow!
this was baby nearly "running" with Nana (AKA my mom) and Blakey! Gotta love my blurry iphone pics!
And this is Sir Jordanicus (AKA Jordan)'s favorite cake- which I cannot find my recipe for anywhere...OR the recipe for my famous chocolate icing! I though I had blogged about my recipes for this cake and icing- but I can't find it anywhere! I can't find where I wrote down my recipe on paper, anywhere either! I have to make this in about an hour too. And I made the recipe up, so I can't search for this recipe anywhere! ha ha ha

So I have to get ready because, my house is going to get a bit crazier with the arrival of 6 teenage boys who will be spending the night. I had to go buy extra food last night- they eat a lot of food!

And last but not least, I am so excited-
Especially since the 2 stores I go to the most are Walmart and Target!
Walmart asked ME, if I'd like to be their guest "baby picker" and pick some of my favorite baby products AND pick out some things that I think are the best deals, cute stuff, and a few different things I think are cute from all different price ranges for the Baby Days!
They don't carry my favorite big carseats, Britax- any they are kinda pricey (but worth it), so there are some "budget friendly picks" too!
And if you go to today, look who's there!
A lil' picture of me- I almost had a heart attack! And I love that I have no make-up on in the picture they used! ha ha ha
No, I'm not a Walmart ambassador or spokesperson  (even though I feel like I could be the Walmart and Target spokesperson, because I shop there and talk about them so much! ha ha ha But it's because I really do shop there ALL the time!)
No one pays me to shop there, no one pays me to say I like them- I just really do!
The people at walmart are so nice, and they told me that by being the "guest baby picker", they'd feature me on their website- I just didn't know when, or what picture they'd use...but it turns out- it's up there today...and I did not send them that picture of me right after baby was born, with no make-up on! ha ha ha
you can see it here...
(Everyone asked me to do a "what you buy at the grocery store or Target or Walmart video so-I just finished doing my "what we bought at Target video- still need to upoload it- maybe I'll do one of all our Walmart goodies too!)

Now I'm off to go hunt for that cake recipe and finish wrapping Jordan's presents!
And hopefully not have to run to the store, because I think I am missing ingredients from my missing cake recipe!

off and running for my baking apron, your kandee



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