Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby's First Tooth & Pink Throw Up Buckets

These pictures were taken this morning:
Yes, please enjoy my make-up-less face. I invited my freckles to show up, too!
This has been poor lil' Ellie's face more often than her smiles the last few days from teething. We FROWN in teething pain!
My precious happy baby, has been feeling not so fun, with her teeth trying to pop out of the gums the last little while.
BUT WE HAVE THE FIRST LITTLE THAT HAS JUST BEGUN TO POKE OUT OF HER GUMS! It looks like a mini hole in her gums, but that means the tooth is really on it's way out!!! And right before that is: sore, red, swollen, gums- not fun!

Teething symptoms we don't like:
diarrhea- caused by the excessive drooling
fever- sometimes not always, but fevers are never fun
sometimes even coughing or runny nose from all the excessive saliva too-
all the way around teething is one of my least favorite times for poor lil ones..I just wish I could go through it for them, so they aren't in any pain.

Her favorite teething relief: chewing on damp washcloths

*side note..every baby gets teeth at different times, some of my babies started early, some late...but whenever they get them, they all hurt the same.

And poor Alani came home from school, throwing up. Poor baby has been resting in bed with her big pink bowl in case she needs to throw up.

This mama is a little sleepless. Last night I was up trying to work because I couldn't get much done in the day. Alani threw up and or woke up all night long. Baby was up with her teething. And Blakey woke up too! ha ha ha I am not even sure how or when I slept...but I do know that a mama can run on love. Because even though I got maybe 1-2 hours of sleep...
I am filled with love to take care of my precious lil Alani, put cool towels on her forehead, and help with sips of ginger ale and kids tummy tea. While chasing after the toothy-crawler, Elyse. And to clean up the ginger ale spill that Blakey had, as he escaped the kitchen with his little ginger ale. We never buy soda, so knowing there's ginger ale in the house for Alani's tummy is quite exciting! ha ha

typing this on the edge of my bed that Alani is snuggled up in, while baby crawls around my legs, and Blakey is counting along Team Umi Zumi on tv...I'm surprised I don't type what they're saying on the show as I blog...ha ha ha "just scrub-a-dub-eight times..."ha ha ha
...hugs from your kandee


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