Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Extreme Gingerbread House Make-Over

We started out with plain on gingerbread houses (which took my sister forever to make the dough, cut out the house shapes, "glue" together, cut out white foam core board for the bases and attach.... I helped cut out house shapes and saw cardboard).

I do not take "before" photos of the gingerbread houses, but I promise you these "afters" are extremely different.
 Our bowls full of candy and treats!
My little niece at work on her house!
 Blakey adding some dazzle to his gingerbread house.
Alani, (and her new, extreme make-over haircut which we all LA-LA-Love) putting a ridge of gumballs on her rooftop. (And yes, that is my preggy sister in the background wielding a bag of royal icing)
 Blakey added some cool licorice ropes to his house.
I am in love with Alani's snowflake trees and trim on her house!
Blakey accidentally knocked over a bowl full of "Christmas Nerds"....which went "bouncing" all over the floor! We all started laughing because these houses turned out to be one of the biggest "messy" projects ever! Me and my sister spent the night vacuuming, sweeping, more vacuuming and sweeping. But it was worth much "messy" fun the kids had!

 Alani's finished "gingerbread house make-over"....
 Blakey's house with his "100" gummy bears in the back. He said 100 people (AKA gummy bears) live in his house.
Alani's backyard and her little candy and candy cane sleigh she made.
And the best one of all, due to sheer 2 and half year old niece, Sydney's miniature gingerbread house...can you see it? ha ha ha ha! Her yard got the majority of decorations!

Huge hugs and tiny gingerbread houses.... love and sweets from my house to yours, kandee


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