Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Hello Christmas

 It wouldn't be my house if you didn't find hello kitty-ness almost everywhere you look. As I type this, I can see Alani's Hello Kitty backpack, some hello kitty stickers on things, hello kitty stuffed animals and just this morning Blakey was asking Alani where his, "hello ditty" was....he adopted a little "punk" looking hello kitty from her.

These are our "holiday kitty" goodies- the ornaments are special ornaments that were gifts from precious people, to me- Wintery Princess Hello Kitty is above in my pink tree (I have no idea where my mom got the little pink Christmas tree that she gave us, but I love it! It looks like cotton candy!) Below is the "hot pink and fishnet kitty" in one of our mini table top trees (another fun find at Target).
 And of course I bought Hello Kitty wrapping paper at Target, too! I will probably just wrap Alani and the baby's presents.....I'm not sure who else in my family would appreciate it! ha ha ha Definitely not Jordan!
So if you are a Hello Kitty, or as Blakey says, "Hello Ditty" fan....I hope you like our Hello Kitty Holiday decorations...

they need to make "hello kitty snowmen"....wouldn't that be cute? Like a regular snowman, with a cute hello kitty head on top! Maybe I should make one! ha ha ha

hello ditty love.... your kandee



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