Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Decorating Must-Have Gadget & My Mess

 this is what "pinky", my hot pink couch looks like...
full of Christmas decorating messiness, and there is more mess not shown in this picture....

The  MUST HAVE GADGET,  I'm kinda in love with- I got it at Target, it's a wireless outlet remote! Whatever you plug into that power outlet, you can turn on and off with the remote! How cool is that?
No more crawling under the tree branches to get poked in the back by real or fake pine needles to yank the Christmas lights out. I think it's made by Westinghouse, and you get 3 outlet pluggy things. Yes, I just googled it, and it's called the Westinghouse 3-piece wireless indoor remote system with remote. I couldn't find a link to show you these...I got mine at Target for much cheaper than all these websites show too...

BUT...here's what I wish would happen:

1. That the lights would "hang themselves".

2. That someone else would come and take all the decorations down AND take apart my fake trees when New Year's rolls around.

3. That you could leave decorations up for longer than a month...with how much work it is, I think you should be able to leave them up til Valentine's day.

4. That I could make my house look like either a gingerbread house or a Candy Cane Wonderland- with giant candy canes.

And I still haven't even finished decorating...I still don't have my lights for outside. I want to make it look extra twinkly for the kids. My favorite, was seeing Alani and Blakey had hung the stockings up themselves, and Blake had on a mini-tree skirt around his neck, like a little elf, and said it was a "cape"!

i heart twinkly lights..... lots of twinkly lights, kandee



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