Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Christmas Card Ever...

(and I just throw up peace signs...cuz' the only gang I'm in, is the "nice gang")
Christmas cards can get kind of boring. And I always like to have fun...
so a few years ago I made what is now my favorite Christmas card to date.
No cards with glittery trees or a group shot of us lined up in front of a fire place with matching red sir.

We went back to our roots...ha ha ha ha...sure Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga, even Selena Gomez have done videos with the Chola "latina gangster girl look"....
but unlike all of them, (well, except for Selena) I'm actually part Mexican an my grandma was born in East LA- were the Chola look began. Orale, I'm not even joking homie.

Now, ofcourse this was long before it's just me, Lil' Alani, Blake and Jordan...

*Have everyone put in a white tank top or t-shirt, or button up flannel or plaid shirt (buttoned to the top)
*draw on tear drop tattoos with liquid eyeliner
*we drew "Orale, it's Christmas" on Jordan's arms
*colored in a mustache and goatee on Blaker
* I did my Chola make-up from THIS VIDEO
*We were going to alternate red and green bandanas, but all I had was red, so we were "Santa Gangsters" ha ha ha ha
*Use any assortment of gold necklaces, preferably with a cross on it
*And the most important part- DO NOT SMILE! A sure sign you are not a chola/cholo is if you let anyone see your smile. ha ha ha ha
*the rest of the details I did in Photoshop, the chain link fence, the gangsta font, and the bows I added in

This is so funny...the last time we were at my dad's house...he still had this up! My grandma thought this was hilarious too! My whole family is pretty fun...and we all love fun or funny things. My grandma was the queen funny things...I'm so glad I come from a long line of people who try to make the world more fun and less serious and depressing! ha ha ha

Huge hugs or abrazos (hugs in Spanish) and even bigger hoop earrings, feliz navidad and Merry Christmas for all the non-spanish speaking, ha ha ha ha
your homegirl Kandee


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