Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Fastest Sugar Cookies Ever!

What is cozier than walking into the kitchen and smelling cookies baking in the oven?
And at my house, we love cookies, we love all baked goods really. And I love to bake. But since I've got my arms full of babies, and kids, I don't have as much time as I'd like to bake from scratch...
so I got some yummy-cookie-baking-assistance...
My Fast Sugar Cookie Secret:

I LOVE THESE- Vanilla Sugar Cookies from Immaculate Baking Company - they are not only certified organic, but they are certified DELICIOUS!

The Christmas Sugar Cookie ones, or at least the ones I bought at my grocery store (I got them at Whole Foods and Raley's), come with sugar sprinkles. We put the sprinkles in a little bowl, then Blakey dips them in the sugar and we place on the cookie sheet. Super fun to "sprinkle-ize" them!
And then they come out like this:

SUPER EASY! SUPER FAST! SUPER DELICIOUS! And when you have about 2 minutes to prep cookies for baking- these are perfect. The busy moms cookie OR anyone that wants instant-cookie-deliciousness.

Now you know my "we-need-cookies-now" baking secret! ha ha ha ha

Sugar cookies and sprinkles, kandee



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