Thursday, December 8, 2011

We got teeth comin' and goin'...

 Our house is a virtual "tooth house" right now.....
last night Alani's wiggly little bottom tooth came out after she brushed her teeth. Baby Ellie Bellie Boo Bear (not her real name ofcourse, it's really Elyse) has all her lil' painful first teeth just coming in. We've got teeth falling out, growing in, wiggly, we got it all!
 This is Alani's Tooth Fairy Box - she knows I'm the "tooth fairy", but it's still fun. My sister painted this cute tooth fairy box for her, she's so crafty, and glued on the jewels.
If you look closely, you can see her little tooth inside the "tooth fairy box"! She hit the jackpot with this tooth- the only money I had was a $5 bill.  I could  hear her yelling with excitement when she found it! That's the best part.

"all i want for Christmas is my two front teeth baby's 2 front lower teeth"...ha ha ha

Teeth, they hurt comin in- and sometimes you get money when they come out....or you get dentures. ha ha ha

Thankful I am typing you this with all my teeth.... your kandee  toothenmeister  meister-meester

....running on love, because I've got sick babies, teething babies, not much sleep because of what I just mentioned and now I'm sick too...good thing love can fuel us on!



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