Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Hugs and Scaredy-Dats...

*Be prepared to wait, unless you live in a town with 10 people.
*Make sure everyone's gone to the bathroom before you enter the line.
*Remember not to get mad at the family that has 15 kids in front of you, and each one want their own picture with Santa.
*Get yummy snacks to eat while you wait...don't go with drinks, or you will have to jump out of line for a potty break, for sure.
*Have fun with your kids, play games of looking for fun decorations, talk about all the things they'd love for Christmas.
*Do not lose your cool and start yelling at your kids because you're sick of waiting in line with a bunch of kids and a free gift of poopy diaper smell, and forever scar your kids because you got mad going to see Santa. Like half of the parents I saw in line- they ruined all their kids excitement by getting mad and yelling at them....Santa should've given them a ball of coal, not a complimentary candy cane- nice way to ruin a fun time with your kids...mean dad and mom in front of us.
*Maybe let your kids take turns playing a fun app on your phone, while you hold the other one...since, most likely if they are too big to hold, they probably don't want to go sit in Santa's lap anymore.
*Remember- if you think waiting in line to see Santa is boring, try being 3 or 4, and you have even less patience.
*Make as many things in life fun, waiting in line to see Santa...waiting in line at the DMV, or like me at the Dollar Store the other day, where the lady in front of me bought about 100 christmas cards that each needed to be scanned individually and the check-out girl had to take each one out of the envelope! ha ha ha If I had gotten mad and frustrated ti just makes everything worse...instead I just laughed and said, "wow that's a lot of cards you have! What a deal- 3 cards for a dollar!"...

That was Santa (at the mall), 2 years ago....
And that was Blakey when we was 2.
He is my sweetheart.
He's scared of dogs and lions.
And he thought is was hilarious to tell Jordan this at the dinner table the other night: "I am a scare-dy dat (cat), I'm scared of snakes (nakes), lions, everything!"...we all about fell off our chairs laughing.

Blakey loved this Santa and loved giving Santa hugs...
so much so, that he ran back after our group picture to get one more Santa hug.
This was the nicest, sweetest, most caring Santa...he gave Blakey another hug and told him how wonderful he was.

I also got a better picture from one of "Santa's elves" that took a picture with my iphone, than the $20 picture we bought.

That sweet Santa had no idea how much love and compliments he filled each one of those kids with.  Some of those kids probably never heard a "your wonderful", before. It had nothing to do with him asking the kids what they wanted, but everything to do with how he told them how pretty, brave, handsome, or wonderful they were. Toys will break, but the gift of telling someone how loved and special they are will last forever.

I may not be Santa....but I can tell you, that you are wonderful, I love you, and I'm so glad you are have a bright and shining's waiting for you and you're the only one that it's waiting for...

The holidays may make you feel a little stressed out and maybe impatient...but remember the reason for this's to celebrate being given the greatest gift. 

Huge love....and a huge thank you, to that man at the mall who was a true example of ol' Saint Nicholas...there to give love and make some little hearts happy....
it was worth the 45 minute wait with the lingering stench of a poopy diaper in line....
your kandee

PS... wait til you see the video I'm working on- I've never done one like it!
you guys are gonna love it- I hope!



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