Saturday, December 10, 2011

I've wasted way too much time on this today....

My friend from Australia, Simone...
posted about this on facebook today, to tell me about this site where you can personalize videos from Santa. Normally I think these things are kinda silly...but this one is so stinkin' fun, we;ve been making silly videos all morning!

Ol St. Nick really says their names...or tries to anyway....his version of Alani was pretty funny!  We made a funny one for Jordan...we all cried laughing so hard at all the things we picked out to personalize his video....he laughed so hard when we watched it!

Well, we've now spent all morning making funny videos...the kids think it's hilarious to make people on the "naughty list".

I made the best one for my sister's hubby....
ha ha ha ha....I can't wait til he watches it!

You can pick things he "needs to work on" farting in bed or picking his nose! ha ha ha ha

I am so glad I have a fun family that loves to laugh and will appreciate how funny this is! ha ha ha

We made nice videos too...but our favorite are the funny ones.

(just make sure you click "NO" on the part where it asks if you want email updates...who wants extra emails...)

OTHER THINGS I'VE DONE ALL MORNING,  besides making this videos while baby and kids laughed as I tried to type while they all sat on my lap:

*had to go super clean the toilet after Blakey had an "aiming" mishap.

*had to change 3 poopy diapers, thanks to "teething-diarrhea"- all the excess saliva makes more excess diaper changes- ha ha

* had to stop the kids from trying to bring the bounce house in the living room...we have way too much  Christmas stuff out to fit it in here.

hope you have a fun saturday! huge hugs and fun, kandee



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