Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cute As A Cupcake

3 Things:
I love Cupcakes.
*If you don't believe me- you can watch and/or eat my "famous" cupcake recipe here. CLICK HERE, BUT BE WARNED THESE ARE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and I'VE BEEN KNOWN TO MAKE A BATCH A DAY, FOR MULTIPLE DAYS IN A ROW!
When I was pregnant, Elyse got nicknamed, Cupcake.
I had to buy this Cupcake costume from Old Navy.
And I had to show you the cupcake outfit from behind.
(If anyone is curious, her little striped leggings are from Target, more affectionately called by Target lovers, as Tar-jay.)

What's cuter than a baby in a cupcake suit? A baby in a cupcake suit holding a basket full of cupcakes?!?! I don't know...

hoping to bring you a smile...one blog at a time...
huge hugs, little cupcakes...and one dangerously delicious cupcake recipe... your kandee



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