Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Toys, Gadgets, & Gift For That Baby in Your Life

Since it will be baby's first Christmas, we thought it would be fun to show you our favorite and must-have baby toys, baby gadgets, and ideas for gifts for anyone who's pregnant or has a baby!

So here's a new video from my "baby channel" on Youtube...with me and baby!

These are our tried and tested baby favorites that you may love too. And all the toys are under $20 too!

Here's the video, but I'll also put the links below here for each thing too and a little extra comment of why we like it.

*in case anyone wants to know where I got these, at
The reason I'm making sure you know I got it online is- we went to the Walmart store after we got the little laptop to get one for my neice, and found out that it's not at all the stores, but it is online. Don't want you to have an upset lil' niece like I did! ha ha ha

(and their under $20 yay!)

1. Baby Einstein Caterpillar Fun Bundle (rattle, teether, ball, and baby "ipod")-
this is a super deal for 4 toys, and the little ipod that plays classic music is our favorite

2. V-tech Pink Baby Learning Laptop
she loves my laptop, so this is great- she can bang on all the keys on hers and it won't break!
(They have this same one at Toys R Us for like $20, but it's at Walmart for $13!)

3. Bright Starts- Drop & Giggle Giraffe
My 4 and  6 year old, Blake and Alani, love this toy too! ha ha ha

4. V-tech Touch & Learn Musical Bee
*THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!! She really like riding in the car (which is weird, all my other kids loved the car), but every she has this in the car with her, we put it on the "night time" mode, and she falls right asleep. And on daytime mode, this makes diaper change time so much easier, she holds the bee and I can change her diaper without her trying to crawl away. I think I'm going to buy another one, just in case something happens to this one! ha ha ha

5. Vtech Move & Crawl Electronic Activity Ball
This is so fun. It really wobbles all around.

-every one of my friends, and me- love these!
I had a lavender one for Alani, gave it away. A blue one for Blakey, and now we got a new Turquoise one for Elyse. Bumbo calls it Aqua, I love turquoise, so you say tomato, I say turquoise! ha ha ha
This is a must have for every mama!

SUMMER INFANT- BabyTouch Digital Color Video Monitor
I bought this when I was pregnant, and I bought the old "sound only" monitor, because I didn't know if it was worth the extra money. I returned that sound only one, as soon as I used this. It's AMAZING! Not only can you see if they are moving around, have kicked a blanket off, or you can see if they wake up and are not making noise, but are sitting up or moving around.
I LOVE THIS MONITOR! And have told all my friends that this is a MUST have for your baby registries or a baby essential- it's worth every penny. No interference. No hearing you neighbors phone calls because the old monitors pick it up. So many times with the old monitor, when Alani and Blake were babies, they would be asleep- the monitor would start screeching from interference or you'd hear someone's phone call get picked up on the monitor and WAKE THEM UP! This has NEVER happened once with monitor in all the 10 months she's been alive and we've used it!

And I love how she stared at the camera and just smiles in this video! ha ha ha She just melts my heart!
Hope she makes you smile too! Let me know if you like seeing these kind of video too!
Big hugs from me and little hugs from baby, kandee


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