Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Mother's Day Present and Spider Bite Ever

 Yesterday was Mama's Day, and Alani made me the best Mother's Day presents ever out of her Model Magic we bought at Michael's. Because that's how we roll on Saturday night. Some people stay out at the clubs til it's closing time, we stay at Michael's Craft Store til we shut it down!

Her presents she made me are more precious and valuable to me than anything that could be bought in a store. She made the the coolest mustache ring around:

 She also made me that beautiful necklace, a cute lil face,  the green and turquoise item, is a turquoise lipstick!

And this lil bowl-guy, with a mustache is one of my favorites!

We took my mom to Mother's Day Brunch...and this was Blake and Ellie, who love to eat salad and cheese, melon and noodles.


There was a make your own, cake pop and cookie station, and this plate just looks like happiness to me:

And these were my, special-i-will-always-treasure-these mother's day cards. Alani, Blake and even Ellie drew me a card, and Jordan's is the snoopy card, which what he wrote inside, oh....was just the greatest treasure! I love my babies so much!

And then I noticed, that I had a gotten bit by a spider or something that was not a mosquito bite a few days ago, it was kind of stingy and itchy, and then in the morning, i noticed a weird red line/streak going from the bite to my armpit. That is no bueno I think. So after calling 2 poison control lines, because I do not like rushing to the doctor for anything, and getting a nurses opinion, and no thanks to google for having anything good for me, it seems like blood poisoning or something. So I think I'll be heading to the doctor to see if I'm going to turn into Spider Woman or not.

Huge hugs from Spider woman, I mean, Kandee ha ha ha

If you missed it, I uploaded a new video on the youtube over the weekend, CLICK HERE to see it with your own eyes.



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