Friday, May 17, 2013

Recipe for A Good Day: Rollin' on Your Unicorn

So it turns out that all you need for a good day is:
1. A Ride on Your Unicorn (because I think everyone neglects their unicorn rides  a little...ha ha ha)

This is still one of my favorite pictures that makes me laugh with awesomeness! Not only is the bike awesome but the boy riding it is awesome too! I love this kid and his bike!

AND you might need one more thing:
2. A little "click clack" of your plastic, princess hi heels.

 And maybe a fruit sticker on your shoot to add some dazzle.
Ellie making sure your Ariel hi heel is on and ready to keep on scooting on her unicorn.

Oh, and I always forget, but in case anyone wants to know where we got out unicorn it the: Ride On Unicorn from Little Tykes

Everyone, and by everyone I mean, every little girl that loves to hear the click clack of a plastic princess shoe, our shoe of the day is: Ariel Disney Princess Sparkle Shoe

And we out. "Rolling down the street on our unicorns sippin' on smoothies and juice".....your Kandee


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