Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 Tips For Treasure Hunting

I'm a hunter. A treasure hunter that is.
It is in my blood possibly.
I used to go to the antique stores with my mom and nana when I was a kid. I did not love it then, in fact, I couldn't stand going to the antique stores.
But now I love it and so do my little ones.
WHERE: Anywhere, any store that says ANTIQUE, VINTAGE or THRIFT

 #1. Keep your eyes out for how could use things in new and different ways!
•You can arrange, glue and use old jewelry, or even broken jewelry on anything to give it a new glamorous life, like this  DIY Vintage Glamour Clipboard:

•You could glue these brooches on a handbag, on the corners of a mirror or picture frame. Paint them another color or cover them in glitter!

#3. Just look for what jumps out at you. What makes you think, "I love that!"
This little ballerina figurine was adorable, and I thought it would look so sweet on a girls nightstand or dresser.

This little guy was not my style, but something about those ruffles I love! Just hunt for what stands out and catches your eye, and will become a unique style element to add a feeling to your house.
Maybe you love cats, or maybe these little vintage girls with "age numbers" on them, would be the perfect gift for a little girl you know!
This would look really cool and modern or add a retro feel to any room, and anyone that loves records, maybe a dj even, would love this:

All thought of when I saw this is the Siamese cats in Lady and The Tramp, and how they knock a fishbowl like this over in the movie!

I love milk glass, I think it has a light, bright and airy look to it, and I love it! And maybe someone has the perfect place for those turquoise "birds", "swans"....

 These cowboy style ranch plates are just too "yippeee-ki-yi-yay" cool, with their little branding iron symbols!

#3. Think of the "treasure", not in the store setting it's in, but in a cool way in your mind!
Take these glasses, they may just look like crazy retro glasses on a shelf with other weird, crazy rettro stuff, but imagine them on a cute vintage table in an Anthropologie store.
Now they look so adorable retro-cool that I'm wishing I had bought them, as I look at the picture and type this!

I scored this cool "Viva Las Elvis" ring at my local antique store. It ws just with a bunch of random "not so cool" jewelry. But I had big plans of coolness for this guy, and it was cheap, and it came home with me! Vintage jewelry makes any look unique because no one can run out to H&M, and buy the same thing!

And I saw this Marilyn Monroe poster that was huge. And for me, it was really cool just to see her make-up so large and detailed!

So happy hunting, if you look around and have a little vision for something, you can find treasured everywhere you look.

If we look at all of life like that, instead of looking for what to complain about, look for the treasures in everything, in every day, you will notice that your heart will start feeling like a beautiful place of a treasured outlook!

Hunt for a treasure, even in the middle of what looks like a stressful or bad day: did you see the sun shining, did you see someone smile at you, hear someone laughing and take a moment to enjoy happiness, or maybe you can be the treasure in someone's day. You be the treasured smile, kind word, or laughter in someone's day!

Off to go hunt for treasures of joy in my day, your Kandee


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