Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Make Grocery Shopping Fun?!?

This is my favorite thing to put in my shopping cart: Ellie, making funny faces.

This is how and/or why I have embraced the art of grocery shopping, which 
I hadn't really been of fan of, since being a kid, and standing next to the grocery cart as my mom would always stroll past the cereals we wanted (Frosted Flakes, Sugar Smacks or Pops) and she'd get us a box of Cheerios, the plain ones.

Enjoy the small stuff:

We look at the flowers, and sometimes take some home with us to brighten our kitchen!
We learn how to smile and say hi to all the people we always see at that we know at the grocery store.

I have fun talking with the kids at the store:
•showing them new or unusual fruit or veggies
•talking about where different foods come from
•asking them about their favorite foods and why they like them
•and I let them help me pick out certain things, like if we're getting yogurt they pick which flavors
•and they like when I give them jobs like picking out apples, or other fruit
•and it's a good way to practice counting or even adding (we have 2 apple, if we add 2 more, how many do we have, then they count them up) or practice counting in another language (I only know how to count in Spanish and only to 5 in French and Chinese, so if we get more than 5, I'm in trouble! ha ha)
Alani and Ellie having fun of their own.

We practice how to talk quietly, mostly Blake has trouble with this one, he seems to have one volume setting, which is LOUD. ha ha ha ha The good thing is if my mom is shopping with me, and Blake is with her, I can always hear wherever they are!

And then we usually get something yummy to eat for dinner while we are there (this doesn't work so well at Trader Joe's, but Whole Foods is where we buffet it up).

We ate a smorgasbord of  soups, salad with walnuts, strawberry smoothie, and my fav drink from Whole Foods, the Cherry Lime MamaChia drink.

And at the end of the day, or shopping trip, you can make anything fun! I see people that are not making it fun, and then I look at all my smiling faces, and I'm so glad we make it fun!

Life is too short and too full of tasks that don't seem fun, to not make even the smallest chores, fun and full of laughter! And if you have kids, watch how a mom that makes things fun, has happier kids that are so busy having fun with their mom, that they don't have time too much time to think about misbehaving, because they're busy having fun!

(and this was Ellie before we left the house, with her bow still in her hair)
In case anyone wants or wonders, her dress we got at Marshall's (It's a DKNY) and her leopard print toddler shoes are from VANS.

Huge hugs and getting ready to go whip up a snack with all our freshly bought fruit, your Kandee

PS. A new video is on it's way today, check my little place on youtube to see if it's up!


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