Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Ways to Let Loose A Be A Little More Fun

Everyone needs a little more fun in their life. Life is hard, full of problems (or what I prefer to call challenges), and grumpy people.  We all need a few more smiles, laughs, and fun memories.
Especially all the stressed out mamas out there. If you don't snap out of the "stress of life" mode, and make some fun moments, life is going to slip by you in a flurry of "stress filled" days and your kids will have very little or no memories how fun their mom was.

The best memories I have of my mom and grandma are the fun ones, even the best memories my dad had of his mom, who like me, was a single mom for a while, were the fun memories.

If you don't make life fun, then you're just going to live a life, victim to life hardships!

So let's get on to how add some fun to your days, whether you have kids or just think you'll have some one day:

STEP #1: Let loose: 
You've gotta put your "rule book away" every now and again. You may feel like a police officer "trying to keep the peace with your kids", but sometimes the badge needs to come off for a minute so you can have fun with them.
*As you can see in the picture above. I don't let Blake skateboard in the house. But I did let him bring it in to pose for a picture, because he thought that'd be cool.

*You can still be safe, be a mom, and have fun!

*You have kids to love, to teach and also to have fun with. The parents that just yell out orders and boss their kids around all the time are not building memorie BEST memories are having fun with my parents...swimming my dad pretending he was a shark, my mom telling us funny stories in crazy accents and voices, my dad driving back and forth over these bumps in the road because me and my sister thought it was like a roller coaster.

*Whether you are a parent or not, you need to have fun with the people you love and care about. It's those fun memories that make life special.

STEP #2: Be Open To Fun New Things
 Today Blake said he wanted to pick out my clothes. Yes, he may be only 5, but I actually think he did a pretty good job! Blue leopard print jeans, Heart tank, and some black Vans.

*Give someone else the power to pick! Let your kids, maybe even your boyfriend or hubby the option to pick out your clothes! You have hundreds of day this year to wear what you want, what's one day that someone else picks! ha ha ha

*They key is to having an open heart and open mind. Let loose on the control reigns on some things and make a little wiggle room for fun.

*Let your kids teach you something and be willing to join in the fun. I was a little scared to try Jordan's longboard. But he said he's hold my hand so I wouldn't fall. Not only did he have fun showing me how to do it, then I even wanted to try it by myself!

Blake also dressed Ellie today:

#3. Remember This Life Is The Memories You Make
*Pack up your lunch and make it a picnic (even if it's a picnic on your porch)

*Sing fun songs when you drive in the car. My dad used to always sing a funny song when we were going somewhere in the car. And the last day I saw him before he went to Heaven, he was dropping us off at the airport, and he was singing that song and all the kids were singing with him- that is now a precious memory and I still sing that song and think of him and the fun we had!

*Make getting dressed fun. Make brushes teeth fun. Make everything fun. Life doesn't have to be awful all the time. Chores can be fun if you make them that way!

*Let loose. Laugh with your kids. Watch funny things together. Jordan was showing us the funniest Cat videos on Youtube and we were all laughing so hard TOGETHER!

*Use fun colored plates and glasses for dinner just to make it extra fun and eat outside now that the weather is nice.

*We like to play the "greatest part of your day" game at dinner. We go around saying what the best part of our day was....(Jordan said we don't want to ask the worst part, because we like to focus on the positive!) and surprisingly, the best part of everyone's day is usually "eating dinner together"!

You go out there are make today fun, try something different, new and make yourself a memory... huge hugs from your homegirl Kandee

PS. CLICK here to see my KANDEEJ blog to see the extreme place I'm writing my blog, just to be a little more fun today!

It's the families that love and laugh together that have the strongest bonds! Make memories now, because each day is slipping away. And you don't want all your memories to be stressed out and filled with scolding. And when you do this, when you will build a bond with your kids that is priceless.


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