Friday, March 4, 2011

woo hoo friday night!

me and little baby making a funny face....
I look so fancy because I put a little eyeshadow on...thinking I was going to have time to make a video...
that would be a big "wrong!"...ha ha ha
me and this little angel got little miniature amounts of sleep....
I think I got sleep from midnight til about 3 am...then we were up, up, and awake!
ha ha ha
to tell me how much she loves that we are "party" girl up all night (ha ha ha)...she gives me priceless baby smiles...that are worth every bit of sleeplessness, and pounding headache from lack of sleep... ha ha
I love this lil blessing...and I will gladly have rings bigger than those around saturn under my be able to love this baby, and hold her, and nurse her, and walk her around...all night long!

When I was a teenager friday nights were so exciting...what will we do?! Even though my early teen years were spent at home watching TGIF (ha ha ha) I will be excited if something good is on tv and I'll get a few minutes of sleep!

cute blakey saying of the day:
he dropped his platic wrench on the floor and said, "sorry mom, I didn't mean to scare you!"...ha ha ha
I "yuv" him!

friday hooray! your friend Kandee


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