Friday, March 18, 2011

What's Inside My Diaper Bag

Since Baby is so tiny and it's winter (so I need to bring bigger blankies) I use a bag that is a bit bigger than a normal diaper bag..this is actually a Hello Kitty Carry-On Bag,
(you know me and Hello Kitty! My middle name should've been Sanrio!)
that I am using as a diaper bag until she get s little bigger and we don't need to many extra blankies and diapers and clothes!

So sit back and have fun seeing all the goodies in my diaper bag. As a mom of 4, I've finally figured out what you need and what you don't!
And you can bet your diaper cream, that I have anti-bacterial wipes in there! ha ha ha

sidenote: the diaper cream is hard to find but it's's BUM BUM balm by DIMPLESKINS, it's from Canada and is zinc free, animal cruelty free, and diaper cloth friendly...i love this stuff...not one rash ever!

and diaper bag wonders more amazing than Mary Poppin's carpet bag..."what!?! how'd she fit a lamp and rocking chair on there?!?"...

diaper bags that are really luggage..(ha ha ha)....your friend kandee


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