Friday, March 25, 2011

Slumber Parties, Snow Storms and Cookies!

Yesterday my friend, Bethanie came over to visit and meet lil Cupcake (our beloved nickname for her)..

and then it started snowing like a blizzard! look at the snow...when it snows it always makes me want to make hot chocolate and bake cookies!

You could hardly was snowing like crazy.....there were storm warnings for part of the Bethanie decided to have a slumber party at my house! YAY!

My mom made us a yummy dinner...we even baked chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies!!!

(pretend there is a yummy picture of the cookies that we totally ate here...ha ha)
and here was our tiniest slumber party-girl! hee hee
Now I'm trying to see if Bethanie will let me do her make-up for a video! yay!

Bethanie trimmed up my hair, since I went a little crazy chopping it's shorter and more choppy looking....she dazzled my moms hair too! yay!

blake said "what are you talkin' bout Rick?!?"...
ME: "who's Rick?"
Blaker: "YOU!"
ha ha ha ha.......

snowballs and cookie dough, Rick (ha ha ha)


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