Sunday, March 20, 2011

Look who's 8 weeks old today!

8 weeks old! We're getting so big and fancy!
she likes celebrating her 8 weeks in San Francisco...hee hee
Alani showing lil Cupcake (aka Elyce, ha ha)...her tinkerbell umbrella...she loved it!
Yesterday, while I had to go film things and get to meet everyone at the Levi's store (which was so amazing: click my other blog to see..
I would take breaks and run back to the hotel which was right down the street...where my mom was watching the baby...feed baby and hug everyone...
go back for a back to back to hotel....I got a work out!

Now we're off to go get some breakfast...for some hungry lil people....
love from the city by the bay...your kandee


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