Monday, March 28, 2011

How to make a "Tie"-riffic shirt!

nothing says fun like a hot pink tie and polka dot pants!
when Alani was a baby and I didn't have any money to buy all the cute baby clothes I saw....
I made this shirt for her, and now little Dolly (aka Elyse and Cupcake) can wear it!

 How to make a tie shirt-
1. I cut up a pair of her outgrown pink pants for the hot pink "tie" fabric
2. made a little tie pattern out of paper & layed it on top of the pink fabric and cut the shape out
3. stitched it onto her little white shirt by hand with a needle and black thread (the messier the stitching the better!)
and voila!
custom made, super cute tie shirt!

have a fun "tie-rrific" day from me and little cupcake!


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