Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Party Time!

nothing says fun like birthday parties on the weekend!
she is so excited to go to her friend's party...but even more excited her birthday is next month!
Alani picked her own party outfit, out her got even better when it was time to get a sweater!
what does every girl need to do before heading out to a party?!? get some nail polish on those fingers that are going to be holding "tails" to pin the tail on the donkey and maybe take a few swings at a pinata!
Alani is a girl after my own heart...she went right for the sparkle polish!

and a little baby sister looked on...
I was sandwiched in bed this morning as I tried to feed baby on my left side...and Blakey was snuzzled up to me on my left...a heavenly moment!
no matter how many times she wakes up a night...i see her little smile...and my heart shoots fireworks off in my heart...I love this new little face of love in our house!
birthday cake and sparkly polish!!!
your friend,


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