Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cupcakes first laugh!

Today lil' Dolly (aka cucake....aka Elyse...aka lil lady....aka pumpkin pie....aka sweetheart...aka lil' tiny...)
is 9 weeks old!
and yesterday she laughed for the first time!!!
I was rocking her side to side in her blankie....and she laughed...or giggled....and it melted my heart!
(i love this face! ha ha ha! it just makes you smile!)
i yelled for my mom to get the phone to try to film  it...but ofcourse when you have the camera...nothing happens! ha ha ha

like when you see the funniest thing and your picture-taking-device is no where in sight! ha ha

off to spend my day trying to make her laugh again! ha ha ha
funny kandee


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