Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Friends & Food!

my wonderful friends Kendra and Rich, who are about to have their own lil' cupcake...
came over and we had the most wonderful evening...(they are going to be amazing parents!)
it makes me realize just how powerful friends can be at pouring love into your life...
(if you are like me and only have a handful of friends that you talk to...please let me into your heart to be called your friend...our eyes don't need to meet, to fill each others lives with love)
not only brought their sweet, creative, and love filled hearts over...but they MADE and brought over homemade manicotti with HOMEMADE alfredo sauce...and marinara sauce

they made cheesecake this adorable cupcake stand...
 it was better than any dinner we could've eaten out!
I told them they need to open up a restaurant! And they are all natural, organic-y like me, so that makes it even better! ha ha

Alani and Blakey danced and sang songs for them...they are great "little" entertainers!

me and Jordan were eating some leftover manicotti then next day and he said:
"how is this soooo good!? This is the best italian food I've ever had!"
please look at this outfit they got lil' cupcake...! This is so cute, I wish is was in my jammies! Rich said when he saw it, he said, "this is Kandee!"..hee hee hee...he was right! I love it!

I haven't had a fun night with friends and yummy food like that in a long time! It was so great!

I'm so excited I get to see my sister soon too!!! And she gets to see cupcake for the first time! yay!

huge love and cheesecake cupcakes, kandee


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