Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amazing day to remember in my heart!

me and baby...ready for the day
me and my favorite girls...we're just missing alani in this picture!
my sister seeing lil Cupcake for the first sister had special tight-swaddling skills, and got lil cupcake to go right to sleep!
"mom-arazzi" picture at the Grove...
me and sister...(aka Tiffany) leaving the MAC handing her her beauty supplies...
Smolder eyeliner and Well Dressed blush...she picks the same colors as me! hee hee smart girl! ha ha
(i love how we're the stroller brigade!)
I miss my sister so much we were at the Crepe place at the Farmer's Market (i love crepes)...she is so wonderful..she fed me my crepes while I stood up rocking the baby!
What a good sister!

crepes and sister love...your kandee

(click here if you like to see pics of me first thing in the morning! It's a good time! ha ha)


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