Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss me I'm Irish!

We have an Irish Cupcake to day for St. Patty's Day!
And cupcake is actually irish...thanks to my half Irish Dad! hee hee
My favorite is when me or my sister will call each other and say (in our best Irish accent):
"Top of the mornin'!"
to which the other person replies:
"and the rest of the day to you!"
Since we all know my love for tutus..... what better way to celebrate than by wearing a tutu!
I look for any reason to put a tutu on! ha ha ha
(this lovely tutu is from
Thank you so much Melissa for the adorable outfit and tutu!

off to finish laundry...and try to type my other blog...then we have a trip to the dentist for lil' Blaker...we're gonna make it as fun as we can!
more love than a pot of gold...your O'Kandee


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